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Tax & VAT service

Tax and VAT Helpline Service We have lots of useful information on Tax and VAT in our ‘Running your organisation‘ section, but SCVO members* can also access our Tax and VAT helpline service for bespoke advice on a variety of related topics, including: how to improve y… Read more

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Tax & VAT

Tax & VAT. There is a common misconception that charities don’t pay tax of any kind – that’s not true!. If your organisation is a charity… Read more
Last week I chaired a joint SCVO-ICAS event on charity tax. We had speakers from the UK Treasury and Revenue and Customs, and from the Charity Tax Group. ICAS also spoke. It was a good session, with about 30 attendees – a mix of sector (large and small) and chartere… Read more
Many people believe that charities don’t pay tax – but that’s just not the case! Whilst charities do benefit from a range of tax incentives on charitable giving – particularly from Gift Aid – there are still at least 18 different taxes that can affect them. The Char… Read more
Introduction Tax reform is a complex issue and not one that we are experts in. However, given that a large number of our member organisations support those on low incomes and/or benefits, that others campaign for changes in land distribution and ownership, and that … Read more
Big questions for the future affordability of social housing Read more