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We can give ourselves a licence to do great things Read more

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Taxation With the prospect of new powers over income tax through the Scotland Act 2012 and Scotland Bill 2015-16, SCVO has been reflecting on what a future Scottish tax system may look like. For SCVO there are two key questions to be answered before we began to cons… Read more
The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) apply to every country in the world; they recognise that we only have one earth, there is no umbilical cord to provide us with extra resources, there is no extraterrestrial land fill site where we can dispose of our waste. To… Read more
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Running your organisation

SCVO support to help you manage your organisation. Information on managing charity finances. Advice on how to write a business plan and more… Read more

Key criteria

Once again, we will be applying lessons learnt from previous rounds to help projects maximise their effect through Round 6. Key areas to consider include: Engagement and reach Participants’ barriers and support needs Length and style of delivery 1. Engagement and reach Challenges… Read more