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The debate around the referendum offers the opportunity for all of us to consider how we make sure that positive mental health is the foundation stone of a fair, equal and inclusive society for all. Read more

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This has been a campaign like no other in Scottish history. The referendum result itself is only part of the story: the passion, engagement and grassroots activism that emerged over the last two years have been quite astonishing in an age supposedly defined by apath… Read more
Condensing a two hour hustings into a short blog, I am now painfully aware of the challenge we set our panel: how to speak concisely about mental health Read more


Introduction Milo holds information about all different types of organisations e.g.: Voluntary Organisations Statutory Organisations Private Companies Partnership/Networks Educational establishments These are managed using the Organisations object in Milo. For an Organisation, Mi… Read more

Running your organisation

SCVO support to help you manage your organisation. Information on managing charity finances. Advice on how to write a business plan and more… Read more
SCVO briefing Health and Social Care Standards Our response The Scottish Council of Voluntary Organisations (SCVO) welcomes the opportunity to respond to this consultation on the new National Health and Social Care Standards.     Social care amounts to over a quarte… Read more