Case studies

Case studies

Immigration policy can seem like a difficult to understand or broach, but actually hearing from the people who are affected by it can make all the difference – and often tell you everything you need to know to better understand the situation.

These case studies, put together by the Home Office, may be of some use to EU friends and colleagues.

SCVO also spoke to third sector organisations about their concerns:

James Cant, Director at British Heart Foundation (BHF) Scotland, said:

“The third sector is a vibrant community that reaches in to all areas of Scottish society and it’s only right that those who work to make Scotland a better place for all be provided with appropriate support and advice in these uncertain times.

“The BHF’s life saving research programme in Scotland, and across the UK, is no exception. We’d like to see further commitments about the status of EU scientists in Scotland, and the UK, which could influence our ability to attract and retain the people needed to carry out world-class research. Scientific research flourishes in an environment of confidence, stability and collaboration. Scientists in Scotland, and the UK, are making long-term decisions about the future of their research right now. Those decisions will shape Scotland, and the UK’s, position as a global research leader, so it’s essential that scientists are given the reassurance they need at this time.”


Dr Neil Henery, Director of Camphill Scotland, said:

“We are deeply concerned about the potential impact of Brexit upon Camphill communities in Scotland. Camphill was founded in Aberdeen by Austrian refugees and remains a profoundly European movement. Our recent survey showed that no less than 40% of our total workforce are from other parts of the EU.

“Any future restrictions upon the future freedom of movement of EU nationals, and upon their current rights to live and work in the UK could have devastating consequences for all members of our communities.  We believe it is vital that the UK Government secures agreement on the rights of EU nationals to live and work in the UK and, just as urgently, reassures EU nationals currently residing and working in the UK that their immigration status will be protected.”

Page last modified on 26th March 2018