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Our Annual Review celebrates our achievements of the past year. View the text only version of the Annual Review Download our Annual Report Our Annual Report is presented by our Directors, together with the audited financial statement for … Read more

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SCVO Annual Review 2015-16   A special HELLO to every single one of our 305 new members! We’re really excited that we welcomed 5 new members each week last year. Thanks for joining and we hope you’re enjoying being a member of SCVO. People in Scotland tell us they l… Read more
SCVOs digital evolution programme focuses on supporting organisations to understand how digital technologies can help them transform. So far we’ve taken our soundings from a vast array of leaders who have participated in and shown their interest in our Senior Leader… Read more
For many years I’ve spent the best part of my weekdays in-front of a computer screen- scanning emails, writing reports, Googling the answers to crosswords (don’t tell anyone). I’ve just been lucky enough to have ten months off work on maternity leave. In that time I… Read more
And all of the opportunities and challenges ahead for the people we care about. Read more
After 8 months of the One Digital project Beth reflects on what it means to be a digital leader. Read more