Essential Digital Skills in Practice 24th July 2018, Edinburgh

Mhor Collective

24th July 2018 10:00
24th July 2018 13:00
Haldis Watson
0131 474 8028



In May 2018 a new framework was launched to describe the Essential Digital Skills that people need to play their full part in society.

The framework can be used in a range of settings, from community digital inclusion projects to more formal education environments.

SCVO recognise that two of core uses of the framework are likely to be:

  • Developing Workforce Skills
  • Measuring the success of a Digital Inclusion project

To support organisations to use the framework in a consistent way we are developing a toolkit with an assessment tool and examples of good practice.

This hands on event will examine the first draft of the toolkit, and explore how best to implement the Essential Skills framework in a range of different settings.

Who is this event aimed at?

Digital inclusion practitioners with experience of projects and interventions designed to develop digital skills within the workforce or community.

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