Basic Digital Skills Framework Consultation 14th March 2018, Edinburgh

The Gathering 2017

14th March 2018 10:00
14th March 2018 13:00
Haldis Watson 0131 474 8028

This free workshop will take a detailed look at the proposals for the basic digital skills framework and shape the submission that SCVO is putting forward as their response to the consultation.


Help us shape today’s basic digital skills!

Have you ever pondered the basic digital skills framework and wondered how or even why particular elements are in there? Well, now’s your opportunity to question, challenge and re-shape its content. The Tech Partnership is leading a consultation and refresh supported by a steering group drawn from across the UK. The framework forms the bedrock of SCVO’s digital participation programme, so getting it right is fundamental to our work.

This will be a practical workshop with a chance to talk to and learn from others who are working in the field of digital inclusion.

Related documents (programme, essential reading, pre-event/course questionnaire):

Who is this event aimed at?

The event is aimed at all those who are working to support people to develop basic digital skills and develop digital inclusion for all.

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