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Cyber Resilience and Cyber Essentials Grants

Becoming more Cyber Resilient Is your organisation talking about cyber resilience?  Do you know what it is and what it means for you? With 40% of charities rating their skills in cyber security as ‘low’ or ‘very low’ we’re aware that third sector organisations often lack the know… Read more

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Help us keep third sector organisations safe in cyberspace. Read more
We know that charities are still not fully engaged with cyber threats and the risks they pose; phishing scams, ransomware and accidental loss of data. But now, with policies changing and GDPR looming, inactivity to these threats could soon come with sanctions. Over … Read more
Being cyber resilient is both the prevention of cyber breaches and also making sure that if a breach occurs you are able to respond without losing business continuity. A cyber breach isn’t necessarily a ‘hack’, but it is any incident in which data is lost or stolen,… Read more
Community organisations and groups which aim to help people mitigate the effects of welfare reform by providing them with the support and skills they need can now apply for the third phase of the Community Capacity and Resilience Fund (CCRF). On 22 February 2017 Cab… Read more


There is no disputing the scale of change that has taken place since the digital revolution, impacting significantly on how we choose to communicate, learn, shop, bank, engage in discussion, get our news and be entertained. Currently in Scotland 50% of third sector organisations … Read more