Community Asset Project

Charity registered in Scotland SC045758

Community Asset Project is registered Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation with registration number SC045758. We relieve poverty through the co-ordination, delivery, support of projects and services which address fuel poverty and its associated conditions and symptoms. We advanced citizenship or community development by promoting and proactively encouraging the development of young people assets (both tangible & intangible), and to seek to transform derelict properties/space through community partnership to good use (to give it back a purpose for all local people to enjoy) for the benefit of the community. We run activities such as fuel poverty and recycling project, climate change, music/dance activities, computer courses, volunteering development and mentoring project and young people leadership courses.

We have 6 regular volunteers, one paid staff member and 3 members of the management committee who provide their services on voluntary basis. The six dedicated volunteers offer their services as as administrative assistant and support staff.

  • From 14th September 2018 to 24th May 2019
  • Award: £10,000 via Call 6

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Project plan

Project description

The project will run a series of basic digital and financial literacy classes to 36 young people lacking in confidence and self-esteem due to exclusion from mainstream activities to develop their digital and financial skills, thus improving their confidence and self-esteem. The funding will help pay for Professional IT Sessional Staff fluent in both English and Portuguese aside from delivering the training, would help identify and recruit 10 aspiring volunteers who have more advanced IT skills, cost of learner packs with additional information in Portuguese Language, marketing and promotion costs, and running costs such as paper/ink. We will purchase 5 new laptops and we already have secured software licences for the latest Microsoft Office package from TT-exchange. Young people will be able to choose which device(s) (desktops, laptops, tablets) they will be comfortable with. They will also be taught about the range of devices that are available. The project is unique in that it does not require them to master the use of English language before they are able to learn digital & financial skills as an interpreter would be provided. The funding will help improve their basic digital (Surf the internet, email, messaging, social media, understand internet security, manage & store basic files and documents) & financial (day to day budgeting) skills and help tackle a variety of activities such as creating and uploading a CV on to Universal Job-match, creating a Universal Credit account, completing online job applications and applying online for benefits such as Working Tax Credits.
Friday activity/4pm-7pm- Workshops on Computer Literacy (108 contact hours -3 hours x 36 weeks).
Saturday activity/12noon-2pm- Financial Literacy (money management) (72 contact hours -2 hours x 36 weeks). The workshops will include money/budgeting advice; Savings; opening an account; Causes of debt and how to deal with impulse buying etc.

Project milestones

Phase 1

10 Units of HP Laptops purchased, One Bilingual Sessional Staff (IT/financial Literate) recruited and 2 Digital skilled volunteers recruited.

Phase 2

Basic IT Workshops scheduled, co-ordinated and delivery started. Evaluations collated & recorded. Follow up meetings arranged. Evidence of progress agreed activities & next steps recorded and actioned. Parents referred to relevant services.

Phase 3

75% of Young PALOPs are knowledgeable of and engaged in Digital and Financial workshops. As a result feel more confident and are more skilled in aspects of Financial and Digital Skills. This includes the access to and use of Universal credit, Budgeting.

Phase 4

36 Young people will have developed financial capability and the skills & knowledge to use IT/Internet competently and access a PC/tablet regularly for ongoing personal development. To be accompany by a a celebration event.



Community Asset Project was funded by SCVO to organise a digital project called PALOPs Digital Inclusion Initiative targeting members of the PALOPs, the Paises Africanos de Lingua Oficial Portuguesa or African Countries with Portuguese as Official Language of the Cape Verdean, Angolan and Mozambican) to develop their digital and financial skills. The project outcomes include:
a. Increasing digital & financial capability of the participants.
b. Participants have better digital access.
c. Improved employability for the participants in the category called NEETs.
d. Increase the amount of money in participants pockets.

PALOPs Digital INCLUSION INITIATIVE funded by SCVO has been tremendously important to increasing the economic prospects of young people from the Portuguese speaking community in East End of Glasgow. Young people who previously fall into the category called "NEETs" are now quite inspired by the limitless possibilities offered by digital technologies in terms of searching for Jobs, creating CVs, video conferencing and meetings, online banking and the insidious capability of changing their financial behaviour. Overall, young people are becoming very inspirational for the future due to participating in the project activities.

PALOPs DIGITAL INCLUSION INITIATIVE provides digital upskilling and financial literacy lessons to the hardest-to-reach young people from the Portuguese speaking community resident in Glasgow. We trained young people to enable them develop ability to prevent themselves from reaching crisis point as it relates to their finances. This innovative project funded by Charter Fund Scotland is not just about individuals developing digital literacy skills but also to improve their budgeting and financial skills. The project is about empowerment and it is about supporting people as they seek to achieve full independence in life. It is about enabling individuals to play their part in shaping the world that is shaping them.

Our digital work is delivered in partnership with: