Tablet Lending Libary and IT Skills for residents Hanover (Scotland) Housing Association Ltd

Hanover (Scotland) Housing Association Ltd

Charity registered in Scotland SC014738

We provide and manage a range of housing and services, mainly for older people. We currently manage more than 5,000 homes throughout Scotland. We provide a range of housing and tenure types to meet the different support needs of older people, allowing them to retain their independence within a local community and enjoy as much privacy or company as they wish.

Our purpose is: To help older people feel safe and secure at home and to live fulfilling and independent lives.

  • From 5th August 2019 to 19th June 2020
  • Award: £7,000 via Call 7

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Project plan

Project description

We want to trial two tablet lending library and training programmes at Sheltered Housing developments in Glasgow. We want to provide tablets to lend for up to 10 weeks. The training programme of 8 weeks will be based around developments regular coffee mornings. There will be 8 sessions, with an introduction and mop up run by Hanover staff and six sessions provided by Glasgow Clyde College. The tablets will make use of the free Wi-Fi we have installed in the Communal Lounges at the developments.

This pilot aims to support our residents and their families who are not computer literate and are digitally excluded, socially isolated and feel lonely. We want to give residents the opportunity to start without the burden of purchasing an expensive device or signing up to a broadband contract. We hope that that this digital taster will encourage them to buy their own devices and to come and use them in the lounges at their developments (which have free Wi-Fi).

The funding will cover:
21 Tablet devices (we have already purchased one)
Screen protectors, cases and management software for the devices
We have already bought a tablet that has been tested by one of our residents to check suitability and our ICT team has committed to providing basic technical support to the project.
The project will also have the benefit of getting residents into their communal lounges and interacting with their neighbours. There is an opportunity to build support networks and a stronger community in each of the developments that runs alongside the training part of the project.

Project milestones

Phase 1

First Set Development Lends complete

Phase 2

Second Set Development Lends Complete

Phase 3

Third Set Development Lends Complete

Our digital work is delivered in partnership with: