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Forres Area Community Trust

Charity registered in Scotland SC044953

FACT was established in 2011 and is a community development trust, owned by its members (c 300) and is a charity and a company limited by guarantee.
We have an elected volunteer board of 9 and employ 6 part time staff and 1 fulltime graduate, on various projects including Cameron's Champions service for older people, Forres Online Digital Project, the Community Asset Transfer of Forres Town Hall, Community Tourism, Town Centre Regeneration and our Skate Park Initiative
Following a period of consultation, research and analysis, we prepared a 5 year Community Growth Plan which identified priority areas for FACT to focus and our priorities are:

• Youth Work
• Community Assets
• Health and Well-being
• Environmental projects
• The development of FACT as a community resource
• Town centre renewal
• Culture, heritage and tourism
• Renewable energy

  • From 1st August 2019 to 31st July 2020
  • Award: £10,000 via Call 7

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Project plan

Project description

We will engage those who are furthest from the workplace and who need extra support in getting online and using digital devices. We want to reach those that live in rural areas locally as they miss out on services.
The project will be managed by Forres Area Community Trust as the anchor organisation for the area.  We will employ a part-time project co-ordinator to deliver this project. They will plan and deliver the drop in sessions, training and outreach work. They will also support and train volunteers.
We want to deliver the following programme:
• Outreach sessions in villages to reach those who do not have access to travel or who cannot travel easily, as this a significant barrier to increasing engagement and reach of our project.
• Training – 4 week blocks for jobseekers. This is designed to support the clients to feel confident using a device and encourage them to go on to apply for work, access medical services and use online banking. Each session will be between 1 and 2 hours long and will have a maximum of 6 clients per block.
• Volunteering - We will increase the volunteering opportunities within this project; particularly aimed at those over 16 who need to develop their communication skills and gain work experience. We currently have 2 volunteers under 20 who are volunteering with the Forres online project and are working towards their Saltire award. They support clients at the drop in and have participated in the pilot outreach sessions.
We know from consultation that we have taken over the last two years that there are still a number of our community that do not want to be online as they do not see the benefit, are worried about staying safe online or breaking the equipment that they use because they don't understand it fully. Our volunteers and staff communicate and support learning through discussing what their needs are and finding the best way forward to encourage their learning, whether that be online programmes, one to one support or small group learning.
We also undertake presentations to groups and organisations to tell them of what we have available and how we can support them. This has been a very successful way of engaging clients as people feel better knowing who is offering the service and word of mouth is still a very powerful way of getting our message across.

Project milestones

Phase 1

Plan, develop and book the outreach sessions for the first quarter with the aim of starting the first sessions in September 2019

Phase 2

Review and assess the number of people attending the outreach sessions and identify a sample of 10 clients to interview and track the progress of.

Phase 3

Continue marketing and promoting the sessions and engage 2 more volunteers to help with this process.

Phase 4

Undertake interviews and survey the sample group as to their progress in regard to the essential skills audit toolkit. Collate the final figures and undertake two case studies as an exemplar

Our digital work is delivered in partnership with: