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Project plan

Project description

The project will improve the technical infrastructure within the staff members and management committee of SCoD to develop audio and visual communication channels, integrate information and communications services, save money and create new mechanisms to engage and involve our member groups, particularly community groups further removed from empowered, democratic processes.




Phase 1 February - March 2015
Purchase equipment and get software stabilised

Overall we have spent a significant amount on a kit, software and training to develop our ICT Skills and confidence. We have got three new computers to replace old ones and we upgraded one of the old one with new memory as it didn’t have enough memory. We also bough tablet and laptop as well as Skype equipment such as webcams and headsets. We also got a TV and its stand for communications, meeting and skyping.

We can email, skype, Facebook & tweet and are building confidence on social media on a weekly basis. We now communicate in English and BSL. This will improve our presence in the third sector market place and across the Deaf Sector too.

Phase 2 April 2015
Improve server arrangement. Purchase and install NAS drive.

We now have a network set up with no internal conflict due to compatibility of software. We have access for remote working offering flexibility for staff. Remote access allows SCoD staff to work outside the office yet have access to folders and files. Working practices and security have been reviewed.

Phase 3 June 2015
Review impact of new equipment on organisation:

We have improved our website and training on core digital skills, audited our hardware and software needs, developed our technical ability, revised our telecoms arrangements and intend to use cloud technology back up for our NAS drive and supported with hardware and software improvements.

Our digital work is delivered in partnership with: