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The Gathering 2018

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Project plan

Project description

This project will embed passing on digital skills to the existing project which aims to train peer supporters to access quality volunteering opportunities. We will use a variety of IT equipment to increase digital skills. train peer supporters from within the existing group or to recruit specific volunteers with the necessary skills to provide person centred IT and digital skills training - social media / internet / on-line forms etc. beneficiaries - people referred to the Volunteer Centre Dundee who have additional barriers to full participation for support to volunteer, who identify lack of IT skills as an additional barrier. work with the volunteers to ensure the co-production design and implementation of the project continues



Overall this project has reached 18 people who have learned from each other and gained confidence and increased their skills.

We delivered two training sessions for the peer mentors and 1 matching session for the participants. Each participant had a variety of different individual sessions with their matched Peer mentor.

The Drop in sessions (6 in total) allowed people to come along with an issue and get immediate support. This worked well and the participants and the peer mentors involved all have gained confidence and skills from this.

Things that worked well:
Peer mentoring
Drop-in sessions

Our digital work is delivered in partnership with: