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  • From 30th March 2015 to 2nd March 2016
  • Award: £900 via Call 2

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Project plan

Project description

Introduction to the various types of computers available with the accent on tablets and notebooks to allow the participants to make an informed choice matched to their requirements. Instruction in the use of these computers and the software available.

Initially present members, who are mainly elderly, and either do not have a computer or have an outdated one will be given the chance to try out the various types to guide them in their choice of computer type. This will be followed by instruction in the use of the chosen type. At the end of this period, assessment will be carried out and, on the basis of this, any required changes will be made before recruitment of new members.

We already have notebook computers running Windows10 Preview. The grant has allowed the purchase of sufficient iPads and Android tablet computers allowing us to start demonstration/tuition on these. This will be carried out during June 2015 with existing members. A survey will then be taken before further recruitment. The holiday period will, however, delay this.



Outputs and outcomes:
The comments on the method of delivery of the project were very positive, an average of 9.4/10 being given for the guidance on the choice of computer and 9.4/10 for operating system choice.

8% favoured a desktop computer, 52% laptop/notebook and 40% a tablet computer.

80% preferred Windows 10 and 20% windows 7 on PCs.

59% preferred the Android operating system, 41% the Apple IOS for Tablets.

85% of the initial participants wished to continue with further study.

When asked to place in order the most important things to consider when purchasing a computer the top six were:

  1. Reliability
  2. Manufacturer
  3. Screen quality
  4. Operating System
  5. Cost
  6. Speed

Overall this project provided a satisfactory introduction to the choice of a computer type and operating system suitable for their personal use

In terms of outputs we delivered suitable tuition on the choice and use of different types of computer and operating system and some have gone on to buy a computer suitable for their use. The club computers will still be available for the use of others.

In terms of outcomes for the people and groups we care about, this project has helped them to choose a suitable computer for their use and introduced them to the use of such a unit.

Lessons learned:
As the course was designed as an initial introduction to the choice of a computer and its use, further tuition will be required to develop their skills in the use of that particular computer. This is available as the Computer Club itself is firmly established on an ongoing basis.

Things that worked well:
• Demonstrations via a large screen.
• “Hands on” use of the various types of computer.
• Individual tuition where required

Please remember that almost all of our candidates are elderly (up to age 90) and some have disabilities including eye problems (MD and other visual impairments), arthritis, dementia and Leukaemia. Others act as carers for other members of the family. A survey on younger people may give different results.

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