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Project plan

Project description

Get DigITal Clubs will target older people, people with disabilities and job seekers with little or no ICT experience. Participants will undertake a 4 week (2 hours per week) basic ICT course run by one of our Learning Centre Advisers and then be supported to practice their new skills by volunteers recruited from learners who have: completed one of our accredited courses; or who have declared an interest as a result of our advertising campaign.



We have made it to the front page of the Moray Council Internet pages and the local press has been very interested in our project and as a result have been filling up places very quickly.

Promotion is going well and our flyers and posters are being circulated around the community. Adverts will soon appear in the local press and our partners are promoting to their clients.

Update June 2015:
So far 45 beginners are signed up to clubs and 6 volunteers have been recruited.

Update September 2015:
Another 3 people have expressed an interest in volunteering for the project bringing our total number of volunteers to 9. The take-up of the free courses and drop-ins is now escalating due to the publicity and promotion that has been done over the last few week. We have now had 83 people come along to do the free 4 week course with 35 on the waiting list starting soon. The drop-ins are also going well with a total 21 individuals coming along to get assistance with their laptops, iPads and tablets. As word gets around and more people attend we are now seeing peer support developing which is great.

Thanks to Frank (one of our volunteers) we now have a Get DigITal in Moray blog and will be working with learners to populate this over the winter months. We are busy taking photos for the site.

Update March 2016:
The project has now come to a close and over the last 9 months we have trained 9 volunteers to facilitate the drop-in sessions. The number of individuals coming along have been quite impressive and we have hosted celebration events to hand over certificates to the learners who completed the 4 week course.

Outputs and outcomes
Overall this project met the needs of both individuals and community groups to be able to get online, use mobile devices and be better equipped to face the challenges of the ever changing digital technologies.

In terms of outputs we have achieved:
• 93 learners completed the free 4 week beginners’ course
• 471 attendances at the get DigITal drop-ins
• A total of 843 individual attendances over the course of the project
• 9 volunteers have been recruited and trained to support individuals

In terms of outcomes for the people and groups we care about, this project has:
• enabled them to become more confident in using new technology
• developed peer support within the groups involved
• equipped them with the skills to make better use of online resources

Feedback received from participants include:
• this course has given me more confidence
• the tutor was very helpful and made the course very enjoyable
• clear and concise information
• I liked looking up things e.g. booking flights
• using e-mail has been great
• this course was very informative for me and helped me get back to using a computer
• information supplied was very clear

Approx. 75% of participants from the taught courses have signed up to come and do one of our accredited courses which shows that they really enjoyed coming along with many of them making new friends. The Get DigITal drop-ins will continue in our main Libraries as we have volunteers who are willing to continue.

Lessons learned

Things that worked well:
• The publicity, using press releases, sending out flyers and posters to our partner organisations, advertising on Facebook and attending information events
• Small group learning as people felt less daunted and were able to ask questions without feeling uneasy
• Tailoring the learning to the group/individuals interests
• Using some of the digital guides and resources from Digital Scotland

Things that we would do differently next time:
• Perhaps appointments along with the drop-ins as some people monopolised the volunteers for long periods of time and others had to wait for assistance
• Shorter course sessions over more weeks as some people couldn’t concentrate for 2 hours at a time.

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