Recounting Women Scottish Women's Aid

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Scottish Women's Aid

Charity registered in Scotland SC001099

  • From 1st September 2015 to 31st March 2016
  • Award: £8,950 via Call 2

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Project plan

Project description

The project will support the delivery of the Recounting Women project a partnership between Scottish Women’s Aid, Glasgow East and Perth Women’s Aid. In 2014 we set up a women and welfare reform working group with representation from six Women’s Aid groups from different areas of Scotland. We carried out a mapping exercise to identify the specific impacts of welfare reform on women and children who have experienced domestic abuse. The project is designed to support women with direct experience of these issues to develop their digital skills to be able to use creative approaches, such as photo-voice and digital story-telling, to gather and disseminate evidence about the impact of welfare reform on their lives. The project will develop women’s confidence in using digital technology, build women’s basic digital skills and their use of cameras and video/audio equipment to tell their stories. These methods allow women to anonymously and creatively share information about their experiences helping to raise public awareness and to influence policy decision makers. We will run two Recounting Women groups of up to 10 women in each group, one in Perth and one in east Glasgow.




November 2015
The Recounting Women project is now underway in Perth! Following a successful ‘taster’ session to give women an opportunity to see what the project would involve before they signed up, we are now meeting every week.

These sessions are designed to develop women’s confidence in using digital technology; increase awareness of keeping safe online and build digital camera skills.

One of the aims of the project is to support women to learn how to use digital photography to creatively and anonymously tell stories based on their everyday experiences. Photo-voice is a process in which people – usually those with limited power due to poverty, race, class, gender, ethnicity, disability, culture or other circumstances – use photo images to capture aspects of their environment and experiences and share them with others. These pictures can be used, usually with captions written by the photographers, to bring the realities of their lives home to the public and policy makers – to influence change.

The Recounting Women project is innovative as it directly involves women who currently do not have a platform for communicating their experiences of the impact of public policy decisions, such as welfare reform, on their lives. Digital storytelling provides a unique and creative way of doing that, it can also be used anonymously to enable women who have experienced domestic abuse to participate safely.

We’ll be moving onto work with Glasgow East Women’s Aid in January 2016 and we look forward to sharing the results with you all!

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