Digital Inclusion through Entrepreneurship Flourish House

Flourish House

Charity registered in Scotland SC031160

  • From 6th April 2015 to 31st October 2015
  • Award: £7,556 via Call 2

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Project plan

Project description

Using Ebay fundraising activity as a vehicle for learning digital skills, we will increase the IT skills of participants whilst at the same time broadening participation in our online fundraising activity and generating funds for the Charity. We will also create in-house IT skills courses to boost confidence and learning of digital technologies and creating opportunities with Glasgow Kelvin College to expand that learning outside of our premises.



Overall this project was very successful. It engaged people in IT who previously had little or no experience and were lacking in confidence. We used a variety of media and software and ran several classes, mostly on the same day of the week to ensure continuity and build the profile of digital activity in the Clubhouse. We now have a Wi-Fi network that Members can access for free and we know that Members are connecting on to this every day.

The project also led to a college based IT skills course delivered each week at Glasgow Kelvin College with a weekly attendance of approx. 10 people.

In terms of outputs we delivered a wide range of IT based courses and activities including using smartphones, using the internet and email, online shopping and cyber security, uploading and downloading images, online form filling, using eBay and Amazon, exploring different technologies, internet research and online banking.

In terms of outcomes for the people and groups we care about, this project has helped to broaden the knowledge, experience and confidence of people in using IT and has introduced new technology to people in a safe, fun and embarrassment free environment. We know this because our weekly IT classes were well attended and full of fun. Each class evaluated well. The project has also increased member activity in IT in the Clubhouse including contributing to our monthly newsletter, doing a weekly online shop online and more people selling items and helping to fundraise on eBay.

Lessons learned
Things that worked well:
Meeting people where they are at e.g. the smart phone course was the most popular as most people had access to this technology but were not aware of its potential.
Offering 1:1 support on a drop in basis to help people with specific enquiries.
Making activity relevant – many of the courses were delivered at the request of Members.

Things that we would do differently next time:
We would not buy small laptops (impractical) and would instead buy tablets and / or smartphones as people are more likely to have these at home.

Our digital work is delivered in partnership with: