IT for U Beith Community Development Trust

The Gathering 2018

Beith Community Development Trust

Charity registered in Scotland SC043155

  • From 30th November 2015 to 31st July 2016
  • Award: £6,000 via Call 3

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Project plan

Project description

IT for U will operate from our High St shopfront, it will be run by existing Astro Work staff and is aimed at customers who want to use IT to improve their employment prospects and local people who want to gain practical skills and knowledge of the IT skills that which are necessary to be IT competent in the digital age. The project will use desktop machines, laptops, tablets and phones to demonstrate how the effective use of digital media can improve quality of life and increase employability prospects.

For customers or residents who are already in employment, but whose role doesn’t involve IT skills we will concentrate on upskilling on basic internet use, safety and privacy and utilizing access to the internet to add quality to their lives, eg how to search for and access wi-fi areas when out and about, facebook pages to keep up with friends and family, taking, storing and sharing pictures and videos, online shopping, skype accounts, genealogy accounts etc. The content of the course will be participant led.

For customers and residents seeking employment, or to change their employment circumstances, participation in the project will equip them with the skills to set up an email account, send and receive email messages on a range of handheld devices, how to open a universal jobmatch account, build and amend their CV to make it appropriate to vacancies.

Our High St venue is an under-utilised ex-retail premises, we will set up an IT suite therein. Our staff are based there 5 days a week and we operate a drop in system. Beith Trust endeavours to cater to the needs, interests and capacity of our customers. The IT for U services will be bespoke to each customer – a program that suits their interests will be designed – they will be able to design it from a range of options which will include – small groupwork activity, online social activity – facebook – Instagram, 1-2-1 with a dedicated worker and ongoing support to allow participants to ‘practice’ their developing skills so that skills gained can be developed and built on.

Beith Trust is a community led enterprise which was formed to tackle the social, economic, environmental and physical regeneration of the community of Beith and the wider Garnock Valley.

Project milestones

Phase 1

Purchase equipment and install it at the venue

Phase 2

Launch the project to the target audience

Phase 3

Courses and 1-to-1 drop in services all delivered



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