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Salvation Army New Future Employability and Training Centre

The New Future Project’s mission embraces The Salvation Army’s mission of providing emotional and material support to people in need. Our aim is to address the needs of contemporary society with a comprehensive and practical programme in order to improve employability of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged in the labour market.

By providing a centrally accessible service, customers are able to access IT facilities, free wifi, PC technical support, Jobsearch facilities, accredited employment focused training and certification, expert advise on debt, benefits, housing, health & wellbeing etc and 1:1 personal support. Through this type of delivery we are able to support the local and wider community make significant changes to their lives through employment and social and digital inclusion.

  • From 3rd April 2017 to 30th March 2018
  • Award: £9,990 via Call 4
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Project plan

Project description

This project seeks to deliver a dedicated structured 'Digital Jobclub' twice a week. They are seeing an increasing number of customers with little or no digital skills at risk of sanctions to their benefits and are increasingly becoming more and more disadvantaged in the job market due to this lack of skills and access to IT facilities. They will set up a structured and monitored digital jobclub with a formalised and certificated employability training program aimed at the older and less enabled sector of the local labour market. The program would incorporate digital training, benefits health check, IT skills assessment, health and wellbeing, employability skills and job search and literacy support with dedicated staff. The project will be delivered across Falkirk and the Carron Valley.

Project milestones

Phase 1

Registrations and Digital training uptake

Phase 2

Registrations, digital training uptake and job/volunteer/further education entries

Phase 3

Registrations, digital training uptake and job/volunteer/further education entries

Phase 4

Registrations, digital training uptake and job/volunteer/further education entries



The Project is running well and is well attended with people coming back week after week to gain computer skills, and how to make up an email address and how to access it and manage it. People are also accessing the internet for jobsearch and getting help with job applications.

Since last update in August 2017 The New Future Project in Falkirk is becoming really popular.
We are running everyday for people dropping in to jobsearch or get help with a c.v. or a job application.
Our Digital Jobclub is currently running on a Tuesday and Thursday mornings and focuses on one-to-one help with all aspects of Jobsearch and using the computer for emailing, accessing Universal Jobsearch. We are also doing mock interviews with clients. The feedback on this is that it is helping clients confidence who are maybe returning to the workforce after bringing up families.
We also have a job board which we keep up to date with current jobs available, which can be accessed. Clients can use our telephone to call regarding jobs.
We have recently added a Basic Computer Course to The New future Project, running on a Monday and a Thursday morning for older people who have little or no computer experience. We have devised this to be a 6 week on-going course, and learners are attending this well.
We are pleased to offer all these services to the public, and we are continually reviewing and making changes accordingly.

Our New Future Project in Falkirk is progressing well. Since February 2018 we have introduced a Debt/Money Advice Service on a Wednesday. This is a free, face to face, confidential service provided by an experienced Salvation Army Trained Debt Adviser person. This is well attended. We have had to structure the other Workshops we run to accommodate people. Other Workshops include Total Beginners Computing, C.V. Workshop and a Job Club Workshop. At the Jobclub Workshop we concentrate on showing people how to set up a Universal Jobmatch Account. and how to look for jobs.

Overall The New Future Project is very successful. We run The Digital Club on a Tuesday and a Thursday from 10.00am till 12.30pm
We support clients in the local area who have little or no computer experience. Each client is given guidance on a range of topics including basic computing knowledge such as being able to find information online, staying safe online and understanding emails.
The workshops are well attended with clients scheduled in every week. As well as the weekly Digital Clubs we also offer Beginners Computing on a Monday morning for people with no computing experience.
As well as providing use of our own computers, clients are able to bring in their own devices, where our onsite I.T. colleague can assist them to resolve any technical issues that they maybe experiencing. The jobcentre requires claimants to have basic I.T. Skills to create C.V's and to apply for employment online.

Our digital work is delivered in partnership with: