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Charity registered in Scotland SC016293

Sacro is a registered charity in Scotland and is structured as a limited company governed by an annually-elected Board of Directors.
As a Scotland-wide voluntary organisation, Sacro’s mission is to reduce conflict and offending and make communities safer. Sacro provides direct services in conflict resolution, criminal justice, restorative justice and reparation. These services are based on the values of mutual respect, recognising and valuing diversity, personal responsibility, society's responsibility to all its members, capacity for change and working together to reduce conflict and repair harm.
Sacro’s believes that everyone should be shown respect and be empowered to take personal responsibility, acknowledging their capacity for change and that supporting and guiding service users through positive transformational life changes contributes greatly to a reduction in their conflict and offending.
Sacro's services are based on research evidence, service user feedback, international standards of good practice and a commitment to development and innovation.

  • From 1st April 2017 to 30th March 2018
  • Award: £10,000 via Call 4
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Project plan

Project description

Sacro proposes to develop a digital skills training and awareness course that can be delivered to a range of service users but particularly older service users in the 40+ group. Specifically, service users will be given help to understand how they can access the internet and use online services safely, including social media, understanding the potential dangers of spam, malicious software and loss of personal data. A media and communications intern will be employed to develop the course, along with the Sacro Learning and Development Officer. The course will be cascaded through train the trainer (TTT) training which will eventually be delivered to all Sacro service delivery workers.

Project milestones

Phase 1

Appointment of Digital-Life intern

Phase 2

Development of initial training course for service delivery workers

Phase 3

Delivery of initial tranche of service delivery worker training

Phase 4

Delivery of first series of pilot training course of Digital-Life to service users (10)



Sacro developed a strategic imperative around the digital awareness upskilling of our workforce and therefore the ability to upskill our service users. The 'Digital Life' Life' project is aimed at tackling digital exclusion of our services users and making Sacro a digitally inclusive organisation. Digital Life is now part of our corporate strategy and has been part of, and a driver for, significant organisational change.
The project focused on providing staff with the knowledge and skills needed to tackle digital inclusion with training from City of Glasgow Collage and Mhor Collective, on behalf of SCVO, with 40 staff trained as Digital Champions to date. Furthermore Wi-Fi was installed in many offices (Glasgow, Kirkcaldy, Edinburgh and Aberdeen) with dedicated computer equipment available so that service users could access online resources while being supported and guided by staff.
This allows service users to stay in contact with friends and family, access services and explore education and work opportunities online at no cost and in a safe environment.

March 2018. Sacro's Digital Life project has made good progress since the last update in November 2017.
Sacro have commissioned a Digital Skills training course from the City of Glasgow College and a further two training courses run by SCVO Digital and delivered by the Mhor Collective.

A total of 36 Sacro staff, designated as Sacro Digital Champions, have now been trained in Digital awareness to enable them to offer advice and assistance to service users facing difficulties with on-line applications for services and benefits, social media and email and other forms of communication. Sacro have noted that there is a wide range of abilities and Digital Awareness amongst its staff. Some staff routinely, without being aware, provide digital skills and awareness support to service users utilising their own professional skills and experience.

Digital Champions have also been providing assistance to other staff where appropriate as some staff are not yet sufficiently skilled or are sufficiently confident to provide support and guidance to service users who need assistance

All Sacro offices across Scotland have now been equipped with dedicated net books and laptop computers to assist in the delivery of one-to-one support and assistance to service users. All Sacro offices are now equipped with Wi-Fi to allow service users to access the web in safety and at no cost, to access critical services and to keep in touch with family and friends.

10 Sacro staff have undertaken a Digital Skills Literacy training course at City of Glasgow College in June 2017 and are now actively delivering Digital Skills Literacy training to service users in a number of different Sacro services. Wi-Fi access points are available in 2 offices and is being installed in a further 4 offices across Scotland. Tablets/notebooks and laptops are being procured to allow direct one-to-one training with service users in Sacro offices as part of regular service delivery, support and case review. For those offices where Sacro services are co-located in with other council services or service users do not visit, other solutions are being explored including "tethering" to mobile phones and broadband usb dongles.

Sacro's Digital Life project has made good progress over the last six months with an official launch of the project in the organisation on 14th November 2017. We ran a well-attended workshop featuring Digital Life at the Sacro Annual Staff Conference in Edinburgh on 24th October which was delivered in partnership with SCVO Digital.
Sacro have secured initial Digital Skills training from the City of Glasgow College and a further training course run by SCVO Digital is planned for December 2017. Sacro are already seeing a difference that Digital skills are making in our service users lives. Many service users are being helped to complete basic on line applications and Sacro offices across the country are being equipped with dedicated net books and laptop computers to deliver one-to-one support and assistance to service users. All of our offices are now equipped with Wi-Fi to allow service users to access the web in safety and at no cost, to access critical services and keep in touch with family and friends.

Our digital work is delivered in partnership with: