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Glasgow Life’s mission is to inspire Glasgow’s citizens and visitors to lead richer and more active lives through culture, sport and learning. Our role is to ensure everyone in the city has equal opportunities to access services that promote social engagement and encourage positive lifestyle choices. Glasgow Communities, a sub-brand of Glasgow Life, have responsibility for the management of community libraries and venues as well as a remit for community learning and development. We offer a wide range of audience development and learning programmes within local communities, based on the needs of the communities. These programmes range from youth work, community engagement, adult, early years and family learning. We aim to develop the capacity of local communities to ensure sustainability that will enrich and empower communities giving them more life chances and more resilience in their abilities to overcome poverty, deprivation and inequality.

  • From 23rd October 2017 to 29th June 2018
  • Award: £7,650 via Call 5
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Project plan

Project description

Digi4al will offer digital learning opportunities at our community day clubs for the first time. Adults who attend our community day clubs have varying degrees of additional support need including those with mental health issues, dementia and some with physical disabilities. Glasgow has the highest level of disability across age groups when compared to other Scottish cities. This project will allow us to work with our current group, and newly recruited participants, and introduce them to basic digital skills. This will help to overcome current limitations and give participants and their carers the confidence to develop lifelong skills and confidence to take part in further digital activities in their own time.

The digital skills programme will include:

• Getting to grips with tablets/smartphones a basic introduction to ICT
• Set up of email, online social media sites, banking and online shopping
• Staying safe whilst using the internet

Digi4al take place in our community centres and libraries, making use of our free public Wi-Fi. Up to date tablets will provide ongoing support to the club and individuals after the digital learning programme is completed. We will also encourage Digi4al participants to access our online library service by delivering additional training sessions that are outwith the remit of this project. This will enable members of the day clubs to access free books, magazines and music online either through their own devices or on the tablets while in our venues.

Project milestones

Phase 1

Achieved numbers of those completing programme

Phase 2

Achieved % of those that have improved digital skills

Phase 3

Achieved % of those that have improved Confidence

Phase 4

Number of positive case studies where use of tables was continued after programme either at home or in community day clubs



The Digi4al project supported individuals with additional learning needs to learn basic/essential digital skills over a 6 - 12 week period. Individuals were supported with online basics, improving confidence, staying in touch with others online, accessing fun activities online and online safety. By learning basic digital skills learners now access online activities weekly within the day clubs they attend.

Our digital work is delivered in partnership with: