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Digital Inclusion has been a top priority in BT’s corporate responsibility programme for many years now. We have three clear aims and we’re working towards three ambitious targets, set out in our Better Future strategy. Connected Society – We believe in the power of… Read more

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Scotland’s Digital Participation Challenge fund

Our Digital Participation Challenge Fund, supported by the Scottish Government, the ERDF and BT, invests in community digital participation projects across Scotland. The projects that we’re supporting will enable groups and organisations to digitise content, build digital network… Read more
Our digital challenge fund has launched and calls are out for applications from organisations helping people flourish in the digital age. Read more
New round of grants for charities working hard to get people online Read more
Preparations for round two of the Challenge Fund awards and key dates for your diaries. Read more
Young Scot is not alone in facing digital participation challenges. Here’s what we’re doing to overcome them. Read more