Managing volunteers within organisations 12th March 2020, Edinburgh

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12th March 2020 09:30
12th March 2020 16:30
Anne Whiteford
Helen Swatton
0141 465 7531
SCVO Member £100, Third sector non-member £150, Private/Public £200
Course overview

What makes your organisation the organisation of choice for current and new volunteers and how do you make volunteering a rewarding experience?

Volunteers are one of the key resources in third sector organisations. To make the most of this resource it is important that volunteers are well managed. Opportunities to volunteer are numerous, so it is important that you can make your organisation sticky – one that attracts and retains volunteers!

Overall course aim

This one day course is designed to help you to capture and release the energy, skills and commitment that volunteers bring to your organisation. It will also help you to set out an overall framework for volunteering which is very important for both volunteers and staff members. Through applying good human resource management principles, adapted to volunteering, this course will help you to:

  • recognise key characteristics of volunteering;

identify the strengths and challenges of volunteering within your organisation;

  • develop a process for managing volunteers;
  • identify ways of recognising your volunteers.

Course objectives

If organisations are to benefit from volunteers’ time, energy and talents, it is important that they invest resources to make sure that their volunteers are well supported and that there is a good match between the volunteer’s expectations and experience.

Organisations change and adapt over time. It is important therefore that volunteering within organisations is reviewed from time to time, so that it matches the needs of the organisation and the expectations of current and future volunteers.

This course will cover the following aspects of managing volunteers:

  • identifying the need for volunteers;
  • defining the tasks for volunteers;
  • recruiting volunteers to fill these roles;
  • supporting volunteers within their roles;
  • reviewing volunteers;
  • valuing volunteers.

Who is the course aimed at?

This course is aimed at anyone who is responsible for developing volunteer management within an organisation or for anyone who is responsible for managing volunteers directly.

Entry requirements

There are no formal entry requirements for this course.

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