Introduction to effective fundraising 15th January 2020, Glasgow

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15th January 2020 09:30
15th January 2020 16:30
Pam Judson
Helen Swatton
0141 465 7531
SCVO Member £100, Third sector non-member £150, Public/Private £200
Course overview

Are you ready for fundraising? Really? Being prepared is key to unlocking potential funds for your organisation so join Pam Judson on this course and see just how ready you are!

Funding can seem a daunting task, but fear not using individual tasks and group work Pam will point you in the right direction so you’ll be more than ready to manoeuvre any fundraising obstacles and reap the rewards.

Competition for funding is fierce, funders receive more and more applications every year and so it is vital that your organisation knows where to begin.

Overall course aim

During this introductory course you will begin to look at a range of techniques and approaches to use for effective fundraising. You will examine the current trends in fundraising within Scotland and the UK in terms of techniques, return on investment and effectiveness for a range of organisations and causes.

Course objectives

What do fundraisers really do anyway? Pam knows, with nearly 25 years of experience working in fundraising, she will tell you all about the activities and related resources that make up ‘fundraising’. She will reveal the mysteries behind where the money is: who has it, how much do they have and how much does it cost to raise it.

Understanding organisational funding needs and how to target the right source for these is vital to any funding application you might make, as is knowing what funders need – you will examine funders expectations and why they may be suitable (or not) to your organisation!

Every sector has it’s own jargon and buzzwords, and funders are no different so you will begin to speak the funders language by looking at current jargon and how to communicate with a range of funding sources.

After a tasty lunch and time to chat with fellow participants, you will begin to put all you have learnt into practise…there are as many different formats and styles for writing proposals and requests for support as there are applicants and so you must be able to identify the most appropriate for each application you make.

As every good Scout will tell you their motto is “be prepared”, indeed in funding it is essential that you be prepared. Pam will guide you through strategy, planning and time lines, and how to create realistic fundraising plans for the short and medium term.

Taking care of donors after the cheque is in the bank plays as important a part of funding as the application does, it is more than just a thank you! You will explore the complexities of stewardship and the art of cultivation.

Funding is not a quick progress, it takes time, effort and a lot of leg work especially when it comes to research – Pam will take you through the role of research and how important it is in successful funding applications, it is beyond looking in the directories.

Who is the course aimed at?

This one day course is for individuals from the voluntary/charity and social enterprise sector who are fairly new to fundraising or for those with some experience who wish to update and enhance their knowledge and skills.

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