Beyond the basics: developing your fundraising skills 4th March 2020, Glasgow

4th March 2020 09:30
4th March 2020 16:30
Pam Judson
Helen Swatton
0141 465 7531
SCVO Member £100, Third sector non-member £150, Private/Public £200
Course overview

You already know the ABCs of fundraising so now it’s time to get into action and build upon your blocks of fundraising knowledge.

Accessing funding can be scary, but don’t hide – seek a better understanding of how to approach funders, meet their criteria and build on relationships. Using individual tasks and group work Pam Judson will help you find who has money, how much they have and what they want to fund.

Overall course aim

During this one day course you will develop your existing skills and knowledge as a practising fundraiser. You will examine the current trends in fundraising within Scotland and the UK, and how the economy has changed the funding landscape.

Course objectives

Who are you approaching for support and why? If your application doesn’t fit don’t force it into a funder’s guidelines – you will explore how to make the best match between the work you want to fund and the most appropriate funder.

How many funders is one too many? With over two decades of fundraising experience Pam knows why you should pursue different sources of support and how to avoid seeking funding every three years…and she’ll let you in on it!

It’s not OK to have your application stand out from the crowd… it’s A-OK! Sing your own praises when writing proposals, which include organisational case statements that can be modified to suit different funding applications – it’s a skill and Pam will show you how!

It’s important to make the most of what you’ve got – you will look at how to engage your management committee, volunteers and other staff in supporting your efforts and making your fundraising more effective!

What comes first, the funder or match funding? Partnerships and joint applications are key to third sector fundraising, so you will examine how to make them work in your favour.

You know funding is not a quick progress, it takes time, effort and a lot of leg work especially when it comes to research – Pam will take you through the role of research and how important it is in successful funding applications… it is beyond looking in the directories.

Taking care of donors after the cheque is in the bank plays as important a part of funding as the application does, it is more than just a thank you! You will explore the complexities of stewardship and the art of cultivation.

Who is the course aimed at?

This one day course is for those working in the voluntary/charity and social enterprise sector who have some fundraising experience but want to update and enhance their knowledge and skills

Entry requirements

Participants will have completed ‘Introduction to effective fundraising’ or have some previous experience in fundraising or want to refresh their existing skills and knowledge.

Other information

Participants are encouraged to bring along information about their organisation as well as a sample of recent work ie grant proposal, sponsorship request, event plan etc

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