Deliver more value through Lean thinking 22nd – 23rd January 2020, Edinburgh

22nd January 2020 09:30
23rd January 2020 16:30
Jean Ferguson
Helen Swatton
0141 465 7531

SCVO Member £650, Third sector non-member £700, Private/Public £750 (includes follow-up coaching sessions)

Course overview

Does it feel like your team is always short of resources? Would you like to be able to fix some of the stuff that gets in the way of doing a good job?

We are delighted to announce the introduction of theDeliver more Value through Lean thinkingcourse in partnership withJean Ferguson. This unique course teaches you the basics of Lean continuous improvement thinking, so you will leave with ideas you can put into practice immediately to deliver more value to your customers.

This exciting pilot course will be delivered in two stages:

  • 2 x classroom days on 22 and 23 January; and
  • 6 x 30 minute 1-1 webinar coaching sessions to be taken by 22 May.

The 1-1 coaching sessions will be arranged with the trainer once you have received your confirmation email from SCVO Training. The coaching sessions willtake place by webinar at mutually agreed times to your own venue.

Overall course aim

This two-day course will give you a better understanding of the value you deliver and of how to identify the waste in how you and your team currently work. It will help you use Lean-thinking to look at processes in your organisation and improve them so that you can do more with existing resources. It also addresses the challenges of persuading people to change the way they do things. The course includes interactive discussion and exercises, and attendees develop learning together. The following topics are covered:

  • what is Lean thinking?
  • what does a Lean organisation do?
  • understanding the value you provide.
  • what wastes get in the way?
  • using a Plan-do-check-adjust approach to making improvements.
  • root cause analysis tools.
  • why standards matter.
  • value streams and how to measure their effectiveness.
  • how to map and evaluate a process.
  • over-coming resistance to change.

You will practise your learning by working through an improvement project within your organisation. You'll receive six online 1-1 coaching sessions to help you deliver measurable benefits.The coaching sessions willtake place by webinar at mutually agreed times to your own venue.

Course objectives

The overall objective is for you to both gain Lean skills you can share in your organisation, and, to deliver an improvement. The intended outcome of day one is a clear understanding of Lean problem-solving basics. Day two builds on day one where you'll develop a deeper understanding of process flow and how to improve processes.

After the two-day course you will have enough knowledge to go back to your organisation and start applying your learning. The follow-on coaching ensures that learning is embedded through a deeper understanding of Lean in practice. Through coaching, you will be better able to overcome the natural barriers you hit in your organisation and hence to deliver a measurable benefit.

Who is the course aimed at?

This course is aimed at anyone who has the power to drive change within their organisation or team and who wants to deliver more value to customers.

Entry requirements

There are no formal entry requirements.

NB: Coaching is via 6 x 30 minute webinar sessions so access to a PC/laptop with sound/microphone (or a PC/laptop and a phone), and access to wifi, will be required. The trainer willconduct the coaching sessions with youby webinar at mutually agreed times to your own venue,following the two classroom sessions.

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