Get involved: Employers

Through Community Jobs Scotland (CJS), we are creating a wide range of jobs with third sector employer organisations for young people aged 16 to 29 years, who are more disadvantaged in the labour market. Young people who can benefit from Community Jobs Scotland are:

  • care leavers/care experienced
  • young people with convictions
  • carers
  • military service leavers (serving less than 6 years)
  • disabled people or with long term health conditions
  • homeless people (including temporary or unstable accommodation)
  • person affected by drug misuse (i.e. alcohol, drugs)
  • person with lower than SCQF level 5 qualification
  • work programme completers who remain unemployed
  • refugees with immigration status allowing them to undertake employment
  • ethnic minority groups

Jobs can be created in; care work, warehousing, landscaping, retail, childcare, catering and much more.

Find out if you are eligible to apply to host a CJS job and what support you can expect from the initiative.


You can view video testimonials and interviews with various CJS employers on our YouTube channel.

Read Ben Harman’s experience as a CJS employer from Stills.

Page last modified on 11th March 2019