Museum Assistant The Auchindrain Trust

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Organisation information

The Auchindrain Trust

Charity registered in Scotland SC015528

Good HQ

Aims & objectives

The Auchindrain Trust was established in 1964 with the purpose of preserving the place known as Auchindrain, and to operate it as a museum for public benefit. When commercial farming ceased in 1963, Auchendrain was Scotland’s last surviving example of a joint tenancy township. No one has lived in Auchendrain since 1967 and the site consists of the township’s buildings, 15 of which are upstanding and in various forms of use, together with 6 ruins, a number of buried occupation sites where buildings once stood, and a considerable number of man-made features, from walls to roads, set in the core of what was once the township’s arable land.
Job number
Time of attendance
Normally Monday to Thursday
No of references
Not supplied
Hours (per week)
0900-1600, including 30 minutes lunch
Salary (£/hr)
£6.15-£8.21 dependant on age

Job description

1 Assistance with grounds and buildings maintenance, potentially including but not limited to grass-cutting, gardening, fencing, ditching, painting and simple joinery.

2 Assistance with operation of the Visitor Centre, front desk, retail activities and site, including the sale of admission tickets, retail and catering goods, meeting and greeting visitors, handling of telephone and email enquiries, and the preparation and serving of food and drinks.

3 Basic computer work, including the entry of daily figures, email, and internet searches.

4 Cleaning of the Visitor Centre (including the kitchen), lavatories, and other buildings; unlocking and locking of the site’s buildings.

5 Caring for the site’s hens, simple visual welfare checks and counts for the site’s livestock, and assistance with the cultivation of crops.

6 Moving equipment, materials and furniture around the site as required.

7 Such other duties as may be necessary.

Person specification

The Job Description is deliberately broad, and no-one will undertake the full range of duties. Each CJS post at Auchindrain is set up to suit the aptitudes and career aspirations of the individual concerned.

PVG/disclosure requirements

Not Required