The implementation of the Lobbying (Scotland) Act is continuing, with the Scottish Parliament drafting up Guidance and Frequently Asked Questions as we speak. Myself and two other third sector representatives (Susan Lowes form Marie Curie and Gary Dunion from Friends of the Earth Scotland) are working alongside the team, alongwith others from business, to make sure the guidance is as helpful as possible. When the Act comes into force early next year, we want to make sure that all third sector organisations know who needs to comply, and how to go about it.

To that end, we need your help. We want to know what your practical concerns are in relation to complying with the Act. What is it about the Act, which will be implemented, that you still need to know? Are there potential practical implications for your organisation that you’re not totally clear about? Do you have any unanswered questions in relation to registering lobbying activity that is carried out by your organisation?

Before you contact us, please take a look at my previous blogs on the Lobbying Act, particularly this one, which asks (and answers) many questions the sector has raised already – including who will have to register.

Now, if you find that your organisation will have to register, have a think about what that will mean for your organisation in all scenarios – talks, meetings, working groups, and so on – where staff will be meeting with MSPs, Ministers, Special Advisers or the Permanent secretary. And, as you come up with scenarios, if you check back in my blog and can’t work out whether you would need to register that particular activity or not, please tell me (the answers to the questions posed in my blog should all be covered in official Guidance or its accompanying frequently asked questions). Similarly, if there are other aspects of the Act that you are confused about and think would benefit from clear guidance, please let me, or Susan or Gary, know.

Jenny Bloomfield, 0131 474 8001,

Susan Lowes, 0131 561 3902,

Gary Dunion, 0131 243 2721,