When the unthinkable happens, we need a blog… don’t we?

There’s no doubt that “Jez We Can” resonated. As a result, we find ourselves in the murky waters of the fabled ‘hung Parliament’.

Far from establishing strength or stability, we are now aboard a rudderless ship, entering  yet another period of flux, which offers  more questions than answers.

Let’s dispel with the tedium and cast an eye over the results (as of writing):

  • Conservatives win 318 seats, just shy of the 326 needed for a majority
  • Labour surge materialised – with a 10% bounce (and +29 seats)
  • Record 207 women elected
  • SNP lose 21 seats (Westminster Leader, Angus Robertson and Alex Salmond form part of the causality list)
  • Junker Comments
  • Hung Parliament
  • Conservatives looking to DUP

With the unthinkable unfolding before our eyes, an opportunity appears for the third sector…

 A rejection of the (current) Prime Minister’s policy platform would suggest that a massive rethink is required  – particularly regarding Brexit and austerity.

Over the last year, SCVO has been working closely with members to establish what our sector’s main concerns and priorities are. In unequivocal fashion you responded. Here’s a run down:

  • Funding
  • Human Rights (& SDGs)
  • Brexit Negotiations
  • Free Movement
  • Networks

Focussing our efforts, using our experience, enhancing connections and by sharing ideas; the third sector can influence, manipulate and shape these negotiations.  We encourage you to get involved!

By writing content, identifying risks and feeding in to our work, we can make sure the third sector appears on the radar and that we can secure the best outcome for the sector and the communities we seek to empower

It’s all to play for…