Scotland’s third sector have made clear the grave concerns we hold around the potential loss of human rights protections we all enjoy as part of the EU, the rights of EU citizens living here and the future of EU funding – which so many charities rely on to undertake the great work they do.

The Prime Minister clearly recognises that – regardless of Brexit – there are big challenges which the whole of Europe has to face together. SCVO is well aware that third sector organisations across Europe are currently involved in partnerships to tackle these head on, and we hope the UK Government will recognise and support the role the sector can play in helping to achieve this ambition.

John Downie, Director of Public Affairs at the Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations (SCVO), said:

“Given that this was the Prime Minister’s first serious intervention in to the Brexit debate since January, the content of her speech was pathetically lacking and provided absolutely no clarity for Scotland’s charities and voluntary organisations on the key issues regarding Brexit, such as EU citizenship, human rights and funding – areas Scotland’s third sector have made their concerns clear on.

“An attempt to soften the tone – and a recognition that the current timetable is unrealistic – is welcome, but we need something more concrete. Given the intrigue and mixed messaging we’ve been subject to over the last week, this was an opportunity for the Prime Minister to make a clear statement on where things are going, and she has failed to do so.”