People volunteer for a number of reasons and over the last few years Good HQ has been encouraging people to share their experiences of volunteering to help raise awareness of the charities they support and encourage others to volunteer too.

Take a look at just some of the volunteer stories where people have shared the impact of why volunteering has helped them or why they’ve got involved below. Hearing why people volunteer is a great opportunity to reflect on what the different hooks are to encourage people to volunteer and how you might use these to encourage more people to volunteer with your organisation.

Volunteering to build confidence

“I’ve gained so much confidence and learned new skills that I can take forward into my future career.” – Erin a volunteer for Street Assist, read her full review.

“My time as a reception volunteer at Glasgow Women’s Library has been an immensely enjoyable experience and has enabled me to gain more confidence and to meet new people.” – Julie sharing her experience of volunteering at the Glasgow Women’s Library.

Volunteering to gain skills & experience

“I have learnt so many life skills not just through dealing with the situations we have to but from the other volunteers” – Lauren sharing her experience of volunteering for Street Assist.

“I knew I wanted to work within the third sector but didn’t have much prior experience… this has been a wonderful opportunity for me and I have a chance to grow and develop skills.” – Lauren sharing her experience of volunteering with ProjectScotland.

Volunteering to make a difference

“It’s such a gift to be able support a young family who are having a hard time for whatever reason. Giving a little something back to the community, reducing isolation and making someone’s day just that bit easier…You can really make a difference with just a few hours a week.” – an anonymous review of Homestart Glasgow from one of their volunteers, read it in full.

“Please, think about being a Samaritan,the training and support is excellent. And you never know, one call to you as a volunteer could save a life and that’s worth everything in the world.” – Maggie’s review of Samaritans on Good HQ, read it in full.

Volunteering to meet new people

“Mealmakers are a great way to meet people as a volunteer cook. My elderly diner seems to love my cooking more than my husband!” – Angela sharing her experience of volunteering with Mealmakers, read the review in full.

“I had a great time catching up with previous volunteers and meeting new ones, the same goes for authors, who all took time to say HI to everyone. This festival still has the feeling of old pals meeting up for a chat.” James talking about volunteering at the Caledonian Crime Festival, read the full review.

Volunteering to give back

“Having benefitted from them as a charity as a girl and young adult, who trained me in youth work when I became a young leader at the age of 16 it has enabled me to give back to another generation.” – an anonymous review of Girlguiding Scotland on Good HQ, read it in full.

“I volunteer to give something back to the community and help people in need. It’s nice to lend a favour and make people happy. I can use my skills to help others and make a difference.” – Ian’s review of Big Hearts Community Trust on Good HQ, read it in full.

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