Juliet Swann headshot
Jenny Bloomfield

Politics and power in post-referendum Scotland with Juliet Swann, Electoral Reform Society Scotland

In the second of SCVO’s Policy Podcasts, Policy Officer Jenny Bloomfield and Juliet Swann, Campaigns and Research Officer at ERS Scotland, discuss some topical political issues including:

  • the SNP deputy leadership race
  • general election voting predictions
  • the use of the electoral register to pursue people for debt
  • the Smith Commission
  • and citizen involvement in decisions on further powers for Scotland

In the SCVO Policy Podcast series, Jenny will take ten minutes out to discuss current news, legislation, ideas and policy with people from the third sector. For further information please email jenny.bloomfield@scvo.org.uk.

ERS Scotland researches the effectiveness of representative democracy in Scotland, campaigns for improvements in the systems and processes of government, and seeks to promote debate and discussion about Scotland’s democratic future. Find out more on the ERS Scotland website.