Back in 2010 before I joined SCVO I sent one of only half a dozen tweets about The Gathering. It was from the ProjectScotland account, and it was inspired/embarrassing – look!

              from ProjectScotland account: ProjectScotland loving The Gathering

I did indeed love The Gathering, and I still do – now more than ever!

In the last five years things have changed beyond recognition when it comes to The Gathering. Last year nearly 6000 tweets were sent using the #G2014 hashtag and, for the 2nd year running, we trended number 1 in the UK. The Gathering has become the third sector’s biggest blether – both offline and online.

I’m always ridiculously excited to see The Gathering trending, not just because I feel like all of my planning has paid off. It’s a brilliant opportunity for organisations and individuals throughout our sector to celebrate the work we do every day.

Here are just some benefits of getting your Twitter on at The Gathering. It:

  • raises the profile of our sector and the great work that we do
  • provides a window to the event for people who can’t join us
  • is a great way to reinforce the connections you make at The Gathering
  • helps to increase your own professional/organisational profile

It really does give me a warm fuzzy feeling inside to see our sector hogging a bit of the limelight for those two days. Watching the #G2015 feed, you can witness new friendships being forged, get the lowdown from the events and join in the celebration of our sector’s achievements.

How can you join in?

The Gathering has become the third sector’s biggest blether – both offline and online.

It’s simple really. Just use the hashtag #G2015 to join the conversation.

Come along the Gathering as normal, go to the events that interest you, meet the exhibitors you want to meet and make sure to tweet about it when you do. And take photos too – we love photos!

Check out our Twitter list of all the lovely organisations (on Twitter) who are exhibiting or hosting events at The Gathering 2015.

We’ll mostly be on Twitter, but there will be some smashing photos on Facebook from The Gathering photo booth. Just visit the guys at CJC Media to grab your Gathering mugshot – here’s the SCVO comms team effort from last year. Think you can beat it?

SCVO Comms Team at the Gathering wearing fancy dress

If you want to find out more about making the most of social media at The Gathering you can join us at the Get Your Gathering On! meetup this Thursday evening. If you would like to blog on your experience at The Gathering or can pull together a Storify of the events you’re going to email me or tweet me to discuss.

I look forward to tweeting with you!