Being at the recent launch of U-Lab in Scotland was a fantastic experience. There was a powerful energy in the room from the participants and a hunger for massive social change.

Now, there’s a good chance you’ve never heard of U-Lab before, so let me share some info on why it could be the start of something revolutionary.

What is U-Lab?

It’s a free mass open online course from MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), led by the economist and best-selling author Otto Scharmer.

The course helps people achieve innovation and change by using the Theory U technique, which Scharmer describes as “a process for connecting to the more authentic aspects of who we are individually and collectively.”

Theory U can be applied to “the issues and systems that matter most to … help change makers see below the surface of today’s environmental, social, and spiritual-cultural challenges, identify the root issues that cause them, and create solutions from a place of deeper awareness.”

Who’s it for?

Anyone. Anywhere. And it’s entirely FREE.

All you need is an internet connection and computer, smartphone or tablet.

How much time will it take?

About three hours per week for eight weeks. You set your own timetable, so there’s no obligation to do things at a certain time.

Why should I get involved?

Perhaps there’s a particular issue that’s close to your heart. Perhaps you want to bring about a change in your community. If so, then U-Lab can help.

U-Lab in Scotland

An introduction to U-Lab took place in Edinburgh earlier this month. Over 300 people from across Scotland participated, along with a further 16,000 people from across the world.

Together with the Scottish Government, we are now encouraging more people to get involved with U-Lab 2.0 when it begins in September.

Otto Scharmer blogged after the Edinburgh event, saying that he saw the beginnings of what could become a “second enlightenment”.

Michelle Armstrong, leadership coach and one of the participants, also summed the event up well in a recent blog.

Want more info?

Watch the video for a recap of the Scottish introduction event.

In Scharmer’s words, “We are looking to start a revolution, connecting the individual and the collective.”

Play your part by enrolling online.