a headshot of Stephen Boyd
Jenny Bloomfield

Politics, the new budget and the ‘National Living Wage’ with Stephen Boyd, STUC

In the latest SCVO Policy Podcast, Policy Officer Jenny Bloomfield talks to Stephen Boyd, Assistant Secretary at STUC.

Listen below to find out:

  • What Stephen thinks of the performance of SNP MPs so far
  • What concerns Stephen about the recent UK budget statement
  • And whether the so-called National Living wage is a good or bad thing

In the SCVO Policy Podcast series, Jenny will take ten minutes out to discuss current news, legislation, ideas and policy with people from the third sector and beyond. For further information please email jenny.bloomfield@scvo.org.uk.

The STUC represents over 620,000 trade unionists, the members of 39 affiliated trade unions and 20 Trades Union Councils. It seeks to promote: trade unionism; equality and social justice; the creation and maintenance of high quality jobs; and the public sector delivery of services.

Find out more on the STUC website.