The third sector: future challenges and opportunities 5th March 2019, Edinburgh

Mhor Collective

5th March 2019 10:30
5th March 2019 12:30
Sheghley Ogilvie
0131 474 8000



The future is both exciting and challenging, creating new opportunities but also new pressures for organisations across the third sector.

At this session we will utilise resources from the Civil Society Futures project to explore what colleagues feel the opportunities and pressures for the third sector in Scotland are in the short, medium, and long term.

We will discuss:

· Your ambitions for the third sector in the next ten years

· Your concerns for the third sector in the next ten years

What you expect to be the most important trends in shaping the third sector in Scotland over the next ten years

What you think will be the biggest barriers to change in civil society in the next ten years

Why should I attend?

Over the next 18 months SCVO’s Policy and Public Affairs team will be focusing upon supporting, promoting, developing the third sector in Scotland. supporting the sector to adapt to a changing environment and the new challenges and opportunities this environment may bring is central to this work.

This event is part of a series of future focused events. The key challenges and opportunities colleagues share at this event will inform the workshops of the series and the direction of SCVO’s futures policy work. This session will also inform the work of the SCVO Policy Forum.

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