Fair For All: Improving the Health of Ethnic Minority Groups and the Wider Community in Scotland

Year of publication
Scottish Executive

This summary document sets out key themes and recommendations for improving the health and access to services of ethnic minority groups and the wider community in Scotland. This report is in five main sections: Section 1 summarises the main findings of the 'Stocktake'. Sections 2 and 3 evaluate the 'soft' data generated by the interviews and organisational responses. Section 4 presents an analysis of the ethnic minority health dimension of planning documentation made available by NHS agencies and Section 5 draws out some of the good practice that might be shared across the NHS in Scotland. The report has been drawn on in the production of consultation document and leaflets, which gives a brief summary of the work. Finally, the appendices include short summaries of recent related work on rurality and ethnic minority health, asylum seekers and refugees and Gypsy Travellers that the field may find useful.

Fair for All: Summary Report - .PDF version