Sectarianism and the Workplace: a Report to the Scottish Trades Union Congress and the Scottish Government

The Gathering 2018

Year of publication
Finn, G.; Uygun, F.; Johnson, A.

The origins of this study lie in the concerns summed up in a resolution passed at the 2005 STUC Congress (Amended Resolution No. 65 Sectarianism in the Workplace). This was a wide-ranging motion that recognized the variety of ways in which sectarianism could be expressed in Scottish society and could, as a result, impact on workplaces. Six focus groups were recruited to examine the experiences of ?sectarianism? among young workers in Scotland, in particular: what they judged sectarianism to be; how they had experienced its effects in the workplace; and in what forms they believed it had occurred. The topics of workplace violence and work-based anti-sectarianism education and training also feature in the discussion analysis. The study is enhanced by the findings from interviews with eight trade union officials who were willing to contribute to the research, as well as by the results of a short evaluation document focusing on sectarianism/anti-sectarianism issues which was distributed to each of the seven universities that provide traditional routes of entry in teaching in Scotland.

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