More than GDP: Measuring what Matters

The Gathering 2018

Year of publication
Carnegie UK

Report of the 2011 round table on Measuring Economic Performance and Social Progress in Scotland.

This report explores the complex issues hidden behind two
simple questions: what is Progress and what is Prosperity? It
argues that GDP is an insufficient and misleading measure
of whether life in Scotland is improving or not. It takes the
findings of the 2009 Stiglitz Report, which emerged from
the Commission set up by President Sarkozy to advise on how
better to measure economic performance and social progress.
It recommends that the new Scottish Government applies
these to creating a performance framework better able to
deliver, measure and report on economic performance, quality
of life, sustainability and well-being. The report also shows
that over-reliance on GDP as a measure makes it difficult for
politicians to back policies that are good for society or the
environment if they might hamper an increase in GDP.

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