Co-Production of health and wellbeing in Scotland

The Gathering 2018

Year of publication
Governance International; Joint Improvement Team; COSLA

Publication by Governance International and the Joint Improvement Team in association with the Scottish Co-Production Network and the Health and Social Care Alliance Scotland. "The wide range of case studies in this book shows that there is now a critical mass of co-production champions in health and social care in Scotland. This includes national co-production initiatives which have already proven their worth, such as the Family Nurse Partnership and the Food Train, but also exciting local assets-based approaches such as the NW Kilmarnock project and timebanking in Argyll and Bute. The case studies in the book show how these initiatives overcame the barriers facing them and spells out the benefits achieved when the co-production approach is used.In Scotland co-production is no longer just a ?nice idea? but a necessity to deal with increasing health inequalities (Sir Harry Burns) and changing demographics and expectations (Gerry Power). This book shows how and why Scotland has become one of the leaders in public service co-production ? and how the lessons learnt so far can be applied more widely. "

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