Sustainable Procurement, Social Value and the Third Sector in Scotland (2014)

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This report examines the approach by public sector commissioners and procurement staff in Scotland to sustainable procurement, social value, and the development of the Third Sector. It compares the findings with a baseline study produced in 2012.
The evidence contained in this report is drawn from an online survey of public sector staff with an active interest or role in the area of commissioning or procurement. In total, 214 public sector staff responded to the survey.

The main findings outlined in the report are as follows:
The survey findings show that the proportion of respondents reporting either an ‘in-depth knowledge’ or being ‘reasonably well informed’ about the Third Sector has increased from 44% (2012) to 68% (2014).
• The public sector buying community are now increasingly knowledgeable about issues relating to sustainable procurement and somewhat more practiced in defining and measuring the social outcomes achieved through buying decisions. With continuing support, it will be important to consolidate these trends as the implications of the Procurement Reform (Scotland) Bill take hold.
• There is a high degree of recognition of the important role that Third Sector organisations can play in delivering public contracts, and a strong commitment to enabling this. However, the findings suggest that more needs to be done to fully involve the Third Sector throughout the commissioning cycle and to address perceived supply side constraints.

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