Working with Scotland’s Communities – A survey of who does community learning and development

Mhor Collective

Year of publication
Education Scotland, The CLD Standards Council for Scotland, The Scottish Community Development Centre, WEA Scotland, YouthLink Scotland, Learning Link Scotland

This is a summary report of a study undertaken in 2015 by Education Scotland and some of its key national partners to gather information about the paid and unpaid staff that support community learning and development work in Scotland.
A total of 308 organisations provided information about their work. Of these organisations, 62% (191) were classified as third sector organisations, 24% (74) as local authority services and 14% (43) as ‘other’ kinds of organisations doing CLD work (e.g. health boards).
The organisations reported working in a range of broad areas of CLD activity – 25% (76) in youth work, 23% (70) in community capacity building and/or community development and 8% (25) of organisations in adult learning. 27% (83) of organisations reported that they focused on all of these areas of activity, while 18% (54) reported that they had an ‘other’ focus.
245 organisations gave overall workforce totals for their paid staff in the survey, reporting that they had 6,899 paid staff working in CLD roles at time of survey.
142 organisations indicated that volunteer workers form part of their workforce, reporting that there were 40,162 volunteers working in CLD roles at time of survey.

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