Maximising the local impact of anchor institutions: a case study of Leeds City Region

The Yard, Edinburgh

Year of publication
Joseph Rowntree Foundation (JRF)

Note: this report focuses on larger 'Anchor institutions' such as local authorities, hospitals, universities, and housing associations, as opposed to smaller community anchor organisation.

Anchors can play an important role in promoting and achieving more inclusive local economies.
Collaboration will require leadership from the top and buy-in throughout organisations. New relationships will need to be developed, built around shared goals, transparency and information sharing. It will also require innovation and change in existing cultures and practices. In the UK context, it seems likely that local government has a pivotal role to play in catalysing other anchors.

Developing an anchors programme could be based around these core activities:
• Strengthening local supply chains – to improve the capability of local organisations (particularly smaller
ones) to bid for contracts and strengthen networks through initiatives such as collaborative ‘meet the
buyer events’.
• Local procurement – understand organisational spend, what impact it has and how supply chains are
contributing to inclusive growth. Establishing ambitious targets and a timetable for redirecting spend
to competitive local suppliers alongside organising procurement processes and contracts to enable
smaller, local organisations to bid.
• Social procurement – adopt ‘good jobs’ into procurement and commissioning frameworks, sending
collective market signals relating to the importance of good work.
• Fair pay and quality jobs – review existing employment practices with a particular focus on
understanding and meeting the needs and aspirations of the lowest paid.
• Inclusive opportunities – target employment opportunities with anchors towards those at risk of
exclusion from, or new entrants to, the labour market.
• Place shaping – invest in real estate renewal and community development in deprived areas

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