360 Grant Nav 'Slice and Dice' tool

The Gathering 2018

Year of publication
Suraj Vadgama, CAST

The Slice and Dice visualisation tool uses data published in the 360Giving open data format via the GrantNav search engine. It presents this data in clusters of circles, where each individual circle represents a grant, with its size being relative to the amount awarded and the colour denoting a specific funder.

For a report on 'Who leads the way on core costs' see https://suninthesky.github.io/slice-and-dice/tour/04-who-leads-the-way-with-core-cost-funding

3 things stand out in the data:
How different funders compare
Looking at 2013-18 Esmée Fairbairn Foundation appears to have given the most core funding. However, looking at the breakdown by year it becomes apparent the overall amount of core funding (at least from those funders publishing to 360Giving) has remained reasonably consistent.

Changing faces
What does appear to have changed, is which funders are providing core funding. Looking at 2017/18 in particular we start seeing lots of grants from Garfield Weston Foundation, as well as a number of small grants from a variety of community foundations – which is great to see!

What it doesn’t tell us
Lastly, it’s important to recognise the limitations of such a visualisation. Most obviously the sample is limited to data from the funders available via GrantNav, and specifically those who have used the keywords ‘core costs’ to describe a grant.

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