Educational Needs and Experiences of Refugee Children in Scotland

The Gathering 2018

Year of publication
Dr Maureen McBride, Kevin Lowden, Professor Chris Chapman and Professor Nicholas Watson

The recent arrival of Syrian refugee families has brought the provision of education for
refugee children back into the public gaze. In this report we examine how public services,
primarily schools but also others services such as health and social care, are meeting their
We do this through documenting the views of the children themselves and their families.
The views of this group on the integration process are often absent. The report unpacks
what is working best in supporting refugee children, as well as what is not working in order
to help inform and improve service provision. It focuses not only on the ‘formal’ aspects of
education, but also the school as a site for integration for refugee children and their
The report is based on qualitative research carried out in four local authorities with refugee
children, their parents, and representatives from education and other public services. In
carrying out this research we talked to 25 children, 21 parents, and 18 stakeholders from a
range of organisations.

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