The Gender Penalty: Exploring the causes and solutions to Scotland’s gender pay gap

Year of publication
Wendy Olsen (University of Manchester) and Close the Gap

This paper presents research which looks at the causes of Scotland’s gender pay gap, and how the causes have changed.
Areas looked at include:
Occupational segregation, bonuses, discrimination etc.
Company size - women who work in smaller companies are more likely to receive lower pay than women working in a medium or large sized organisation. This is partially because collective bargaining is more commonly found in some larger employers. Smaller employers also tend not to have a discrete human resources function, and therefore are less likely to be familiar with good equalities practice, including providing equal pay. This has implications for the third sector where majority of organisations are small.

The report then discusses ways in which change can best be influenced, and makes a number of recommendations for key stakeholders, including Scottish Government, public sector, and large private and third sector employers.

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