Universal Basic Income: A Scoping Review of Evidence on Impacts and Study Characteristics

Scottish Charity Awards 2017 winner – Leading Light – Celine Sinclair, The Yard

Year of publication
Marcia Gibson, Wendy Hearty, Peter Craig

There is increasing political and academic interest in the potential effects of implementing a universal basic income scheme in which all individuals are unconditionally provided with a substantial, regular sum of money on a long-term basis.

While a universal basic income has never been implemented, there have been a number of interventions which involve the unconditional provision of a substantial amount of money to individuals or households. We conducted a scoping review to identify evidence on the design, evaluation and impacts of such interventions.

This is the first study to use scoping review methods to systematically identify, extract, and interpret evidence from relevant studies. Data from the included studies extends our understanding of the effects of these interventions and will be of use for planning of pilot interventions and evaluations.

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