Young People & Volunteering: Attitudes and Experiences in Areas of Multiple Deprivation

The Gathering 2018

Year of publication
James Davies, University of Strathclyde with Volunteer Scotland

While we have statistical data about young people’s attitudes towards volunteering and rates of engagement, less is known about what volunteering means to them or how they participate in it. This is particularly so for young people in disadvantaged areas whose responses may not be picked up by survey methods.

From Volunteer Scotland's Young People in Scotland 2016 research we know that the out-of-school volunteer participation rate plummets from 50% in those schools which have no pupils living in the lowest SIMD (Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation) quintile, to 16% for those with 60-100% of their pupils in the lowest SIMD quintile.

This research provides an invaluable insight into young people’s understanding of, and motivations for, volunteering; the benefits they derive and the barriers they face. The thesis concludes with specific recommendations to widen access to volunteering for young people in deprived areas.
Full thesis is due to be published in the summer of 2018.

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