Close the Gap pay gap statistics (2019)

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Close the Gap

Overview of pay gap statistics.

In 2018 provisional results indicate that the mean gender pay gap in Scotland is:
14% when comparing of men's and women's overall average hourly earnings;
10% when comparing men's and women's full-time average hourly earnings; and
30% when comparing men's full-time average hourly earnings with women's part-time average hourly earnings.

Labour market
Women account for 49% of the labour market.
42% of women employed in Scotland work part-time compared to 13% of men.
Women account for 76% of all part-time workers in Scotland.

Occupational segregation
Around 80% of administrative and secretarial workers and those in personal service jobs are women.
While women are more likely to work in the public sector (67% local government and 81% NHS), only a third of chief executives in the sector are women.
97% of childcare and early years education workers are women and 98% of classroom assistants are women.
Less than 3% of chartered civil engineers in Scotland are women.
Only 10% of senior managers in science engineering and technology professions are women.

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